About KiteLab

Kitelab is South Africa’s number one kitesurf centre. With our perfect beach side location on the warm windy waters of the Langebaan lagoon, we can assist you with your first kite experience, nailing that first jump as well as provide you with first class customer service when purchasing your next kite, board or harness.

During peak season, from October to March Langebaan is blessed with strong steady winds and bright clear skies. Flat, uncrowded waters await travellers from cape town. A quick blast up the r27 north from the city ends with either a short trip through the small village of Langebaan or for a small fee you can take the shortcut through the national park and observe some of the friendly locals along the way, including tortoises and ostriches and some not so friendly including the fierce cape cobras that occasionally bathe on the baking tarmac that snakes its way through the park.

The Kitelab is right on Langebaans main beach which is only 10 minutes from the ominously named Sharks Bay. Fear not, none of the Great White variety can be found here, instead crystal blue, knee-deep waters, which stretch as far as the eye can see. It is an ideal training ground for kite surfers regardless of skill level or ability. This combination most definitely makes Langebaan one of the top kite surfing destinations in the world.

We proudly serve learners and enthusiasts with professional kitesurfing training, kiting equipment, kite repairs, surf equipment and industry leading clothing and accessory brands

About The Founder

Internationally acclaimed kitesurfer and owner of Kitelab, Alan Steele, has been successfully competing for the past 10 years in South Africa and prestigious world tour events. Alan has taken his decade of experience, knowledge and passion for the sport, to establish a successful business with a focus on customer satisfaction and lesson quality. Growing up in Langebaan Alan is a local weather guru and can advise a beginner to a seasoned pro on the conditions and best times to hit the water.