Kitesurfing Questions We’re Frequently Asked

How much wind do we need to start the lessons?

We need 4-10 knots of wind to fly and kites on day 1 and 12 knots to start day 2 or 3

Do I need water sport experience?

People with no water sport background can learn to ride just as successfully as those with years of experience

How old must I be to learn kitesurfing?

We have taught individuals as young as 15 as long as they fit our safety equipment

What I must I bring to the lessons?

Sunscreen, towel, sunglasses, an attitude to succeed and snacks to maintain energy throughout the lesson.

How many students per lesson?

Numbers are limited to 2 people per instructor. This allows for the instructor to focus on the individual.

How strong must I be to learn kitesurfing?

Upper-body strength is not required. You will soon realise that the kite is very light in your hands and like any sport – good technique is key.

Can the kite fly away with me?

We always ensure you are on a kite size that is never too powerful with fast acting safety systems and an instructor always close by you ensuring you’ll always be safe in the water.

How cold is the water and what thickness wetsuit do I need?

Temperature: 16-22 degrees celcius. 4mm Wetsuit required – we can supply it if you don’t have one.